PMBOK Tools and Techniques

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to achieve the goals of the project. Widely recognized among project management professionals, the PMBOK Guide is one of the most widely used reference books for project management. It is a collection of best practices that facilitate the successful and timely delivery of projects. It provides a comprehensive range of valuable tools and techniques for project managers and project teams.

PMBOK Tools and Techniques

Many tools and techniques that are mentioned in the PMBOK Guide are general and can be used beyond their specific project management context. For example, project charters and Gantt charts are also used in Lean, Six Sigma and many other initiatives. While the following map shows many of the tools and techniques mentioned in the PMBOK Guide, it is important to note that the guide encounter additional tools and techniques that may not be listed in the map.

PMBOK Tools and Techniques
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