Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Guide

A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt works as part of a team led by a Black Belt and may lead simple projects under the guidance of a Black Belt. He or she should be trained in the tools and methods necessary to conduct small-scale Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. A Six Sigma Green Belt should demonstrate understanding and competence in using the tools illustrated in the following map:

Here are examples of the tools that are taught in any Six Sigma Green Belt training:

  • Project charter (PDF).
  • Stakeholder analysis (PDF).
  • SIPOC (PDF).
  • Process mapping (PDF).
  • Check sheets (PDF).
  • Affinity diagram (PDF).
  • Control charts (PDF)..
  • Capability indices (PDF)..
  • MSA (PDF)..
  • Pareto analysis (PDF).

See all our downloadable PDFs which only cover the tools part of the Green Belt Certification. The other topics can be found on the left side of this web page

The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge (BoK) also includes the following topics which are required for the certification exam (SSGB):

  • Six Sigma foundation and values.
  • Organizational drivers and metrics.
  • Six Sigma Project.
  • Process elements and boundaries.
  • Internal and external customers.
  • Project documentation and storyboards.
  • Six Sigma roles and responsibilities.
  • Team stages and dynamics.
  • Stage of developing teams.
  • Communication methods.
  • Descriptive and inferential studies.
  • Population parameters and sample statistics.
  • Central limit theorem.
  • Basic probability concepts.
  • Type of data.
  • Measurement scales.
  • Process Capability studies.
  • Long-term vs. short-term capability.
  • Process capability for attribute.
  • Common and special cause of variation.

For more information about how to prepare for the exam and how to apply for the certification, visit the official Green Belt webpage on the American Society for Quality website.