What We Do

Choosing the right tools for quality and improvement is the primary goal of this Website. Our tools, services and resources will develop better leadership, teamwork, decision making, problem-solving and project management skills. We firmly believe that investing in the skills of yourself and your team is investing in the success of your business.

1- Offering Free Resources (Investing in Your Skills):

We offer easy access information into the discipline of continuous improvement in several different forms (articles, slides, templates and worksheets, posters, infographics and videos) for the purpose of developing a library of continuous improvement. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality and ethical content to achieve continuous improvement and sustainable operational excellence.

2- Coaching (Investing in the Skills of Your Team):

We offer a variety of Continuous Improvement training programs for your management team and supervisory staff. We also offer a higher level of support through consulting, coaching and facilitation. We provide you with that outsider’s outlook you need to solve some of the most critical issues that your organization is struggling with.

Our core areas of capability include:

  1. Principles and tools for continuous improvement (2 days).
  2. The Six Sigma breakthrough strategy for senior managers (1 day).
  3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (4 weeks).
  4. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (2 weeks).
  5. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (1 week).
  6. Six Sigma project management (2 days).
  7. Process mapping techniques (1 day).
  8. Performance management, KPIs and benchmarking (2 days).
  9. Data collection methods (1 day).
  10. Measurement system analysis (1 day).
  11. Statistical process control (SPC) (1 day).
  12. Process capability studies (1 day).
  13. Cause and effect analysis (1 day).
  14. Root cause analysis (1 day).
  15. Graphical and statistical analysis (3 days).
  16. Visual management and 5S workshop (2 days).
  17. Lean thinking and Lean tools (2 days).
  18. Team collaboration tools (2 days).
  19. Team decision making techniques (2 days).
  20. Kaizen and A3 thinking (1 day).
  21. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) (1 day).
  22. Risk analysis and assessment (1 day).
  23. Effective training methods (3 days).
  24. Time management (1 day).

3- Consultancy and Advisory:

Generating profits is the ultimate goal of most businesses today. And one of the ways to achieve business and operational efficiency is to hire an operational excellence consulting expert. Our continuous improvement and operational excellence consulting services offer an integrated approach to help your organization achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness, and thus, greater profitability. We will achieve this by helping your employees utilize many of the problem-solving and team-building techniques used in the real world of business today.

4- Designing Templates:

We are providing many Continuous Improvement templates and worksheets for free. If you find our templates and worksheets helpful, and you have something unique in mind, we can design it for you. Just tell us what you need and we will convert it into reality.