The primary goal of our libraries is to help you choose the most suitable quality and improvement tools. Our services, resources, and tools aim to enhance leadership, teamwork, decision-making, problem-solving, and project management abilities. We are confident that investing in developing the skills of yourself and your team can lead to the success of your business.

1- Offering Free Resources

We offer a comprehensive range of easily accessible continuous improvement resources in various formats, including articles, slides, templates and worksheets, posters, and infographics. Our primary goal is to build a library of continuous improvement tools that are of high quality and value to help organizations achieve sustainable operational excellence at all levels. We are committed to providing our visitors with the best-in-class resources to facilitate their continuous improvement journey.

2- Training

We provide a diverse range of continuous improvement training programs tailored to your organization’s management team and supervisory staff. These training programs are designed to address some of the most pressing issues your organization is facing. Our core competencies include the following:

  1. Principles and tools for continuous improvement – 2 days
  2. The Six Sigma breakthrough strategy for senior managers – 1 day
  3. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – 4 weeks
  4. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – 2 weeks
  5. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – 1 week
  6. The Six Sigma project management methodology – 2 days
  7. Process mapping techniques – 1 day
  8. Performance management – 2 days
  9. Data collection methods – 1 day
  10. Measurement system analysis – 1 day
  11. Statistical process control (SPC) – 1 day
  12. Process capability studies – 1 day
  13. Cause and effect analysis – 1 day
  14. Root cause analysis – 1 day
  15. Graphical and statistical analysis – 3 days
  16. Visual management and 5S workshop – 2 days
  17. Lean thinking and Lean tools – 2 days
  18. Team collaboration tools – 2 days
  19. Team decision making techniques – 2 days
  20. Kaizen and A3 thinking – 1 day
  21. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) – 1 day
  22. Risk analysis and assessment – 1 day
  23. Effective training methods – 3 days
  24. Time management – 1 day

3- Consultancy and Advisory

One of the most effective strategies to achieve business and operational excellence is to engage the services of an operational excellence expert to join your operations team. Our operational excellence consulting services offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to help your organization attain higher levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. Our team of experts will assist your employees in utilizing problem-solving and team-building tools and resources that are widely used in today’s real-world business environment.

4- Designing Templates

We provide a wide range of continuous improvement templates and worksheets that are mostly available free of charge. If you require a customized solution that fits your specific needs, our team can design it for you. Simply communicate your requirements, and we will transform them into a reality. Our prices are very competitive and takes into consideration our clients’ requirements and budget.