Change Management Tools and Techniques

Change management is the practice of transforming the organization from the current state to a new state to achieve expected benefits such as improvement in performance. This structured approach includes the application of knowledge, skills, methodologies, processes and tools. The need for change has various causes including the dissatisfaction with the current situation or the need to adapt a new challenge. Change starts with a vision, implemented using a strategy, and has an impact on the organization and the people within it.

Understanding and using the following tools is important for driving change effectively throughout an organization. You need a set of tools that will help you along the way, and there is a wide range of change management tools. Change management, however, is a broad discipline that involves more advanced models and tools such as the change curve, maturity audits, contingency plans, ADKAR analysis, Kotter’s 8 Step change model, Lewin’s Change Model, McKinsey 7S Framework, and culture mapping.

Below you will see the basic change management tools that you will find here at Citoolkit.

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