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Gantt chart example
This Gantt chart illustrates all the tasks for a research project, highlighting the essential components of a Gantt chart.
Gantt chart dependencies
Gantt charts can show the dependency relationships between activities. This illustration clarifies the different types of dependencies.
Improvement Roadmap
An improvement roadmap template in its simplest format contains only four sections (improvement categories, current condition, milestones and targets, and performance metrics).
5 whys
Yokoten is a two-way exchange of best practice information between two or more entities and can be a powerful tool for driving world-class performance.
5 whys
5 Whys is most effective when used to solve simple to moderate problems.
Traffic Light Assessment — Visual Management
There are many versions of the House of Quality. These are the most common building blocks and symbols used in the House of Quality
Visual Management — Safety
Safety visuals often use bright coloring to attract attention.
Visual Management
Floor marking is used to improve the layout of the workplace and mark critical safety and security areas.
Visual Management
Pipe marking communicates all the necessary information about the pipelines including the content, direction and flow rate. Arrows are used to indicate the flow direction while colors often indicate the nature of the content.
Visual Management - Traffic Light Assessment — Andon
Andon lights are powerful visual tools which are installed on production machines to indicate their current status. They are very useful in bringing immediate attention to problems as soon as they arise.
Visual Management - Traffic Light Assessment — Andon
A basic Kamishibai board consists of a board and multiple cards that display specific activities to be performed.
Visual Management — Safety
Example of visual management in a production line. 1. Safety sign   2. Andon lights   3. Floor marking   4. Machine identity   5. Visual instructions   6. Gauge marking.
Kano Analysis
The result of collecting the voice of the customer information can be presented in a Kano diagram.
Kano Analysis
Each Kano diagram (and for each product or service) should be kept and saved
with the specific date, decisions, and notes.
Kano Analysis
Customer expectations change over time. This requires to update the Kano model regularly. Today’s delighters are the must be of tomorrow.

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