Our Mission

“Enable business professionals and team leaders to improve their professional capacity to achieve excellence and outstanding results.”

The Continuous Improvement Toolkit (Citoolkit) is a global and independent team aims to develop and promote the profession of Continuous Improvement internationally, by providing the tools, services and resources required to successfully implement continuous improvement.

Choosing the right tool for quality and improvement is the primary goal of this Website. Our slides, articles, templates and worksheets were developed for the purpose of developing a library of continuous improvement to help business professionals, team leaders and students in their continuous improvement efforts. Citoolkit continues to look for opportunities to support our visitors and members, set a benchmark for best practice, and is committed to the long term development of the professional discipline.

In addition to the free resources offered here in this website, we also offer a variety of continuous improvement programs to companies of all sizes and in any type of industry. We are a professional team of training and consulting experts who work collaboratively with business owners and line managers to achieve excellence and profitability.

We have a very strong expertise in the areas of:
1. Process improvement.
2. Performance management.
3. Leadership development.
4. Team development.
5. Change management.