The Continuous Improvement Toolkit (CIToolkit) is a globally recognized and independent team dedicated to advancing the profession of Continuous Improvement on an international scale. We achieve this by offering an array of tools, methods, resources, and services that enable organizations to effectively implement continuous improvement and achieve operational excellence. Our team of professionals has developed and organized the tools and resources to ensure their effectiveness in supporting continuous improvement.

Choosing the right tool for quality and improvement is the primary goal of this Website. Our articles, slides, templates and worksheets, posters, infographics and videos have been developed (or will be developed) for the purpose of building a library for continuous improvement. Our aim is to offer an extensive library that caters to the needs of business professionals, team leaders, and students, providing them with the resources necessary to support their continuous improvement journeys.

In addition to the free resources available on our website, we also offer a range of continuous improvement programs to companies of all sizes and across all industries. As a team of experienced trainers and consultants, we are prepared to work collaboratively with business owners and operations managers to achieve organizational excellence and profitability. We possess exceptional expertise in the following domains:

  1. Process improvement
  2. Performance management
  3. Team development
  4. Change management
  5. Lean thinking

Our organization is led by a team of five highly skilled professionals who are responsible for various key roles (which are elaborated in the below).

Five Major Roles

At CIToolkit, we are dedicated to seeking out new opportunities to assist our members and visitors, and remain committed to the ongoing advancement of the Continuous Improvement profession.