Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Guide

Latest update: June 2022

A Six Sigma Yellow Belt is an individual who usually has a limited role in Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. He or she should understand the fundamental principles of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology and provide assistance for larger improvement initiatives led by Green or Black Belts. A Six Sigma Yellow Belt should demonstrate understanding and competence in using the tools illustrated in the following map.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Guide
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Guide
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The Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge (BoK) also includes the following topics which are required for the certification exam (SSYB):

  1. Six Sigma foundation and principles.
  2. Six Sigma roles and responsibilities.
  3. Lean foundation and principles.
  4. Type of teams.
  5. Stage of developing teams.
  6. Communication methods.
  7. Six Sigma metrics.
  8. Voice of the customer and critical-to-quality characteristics.
  9. Project identification and selection.
  10. Communication plan for projects.
  11. Phase reviews throughout the DMAIC life cycle.
  12. Quantitative and qualitative data.
  13. Common and special cause of variation.
  14. Using regression analysis to predict outcomes (understand only).
  15. Using kaizen and kaizen blitz to make improvements.

ASQ Certification Requirements

  1. There is no experience or education requirements.
  2. No need to submit completed projects.
  3. It is aimed at those who have a small role, or need to develop foundational knowledge in Six Sigma.

ASQ Certification Process

1- Learn:
From our courses or the Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge.

2- Prepare:

  1. Be ready to take the exam.
  2. Decide on the application method and the exam type.
  3. Decide on the exam date and locate a test center near to your place.
  4. Get an idea of the exam questions.

3- Apply:

  1. Apply online (create an ASQ account) or download an exam application (mailing or faxing).
  2. Choose the exam date and the test center.
  3. Make your resume and credit card ready to complete the application.

4- Certify:

  1. Take the exam.
  2. You will be presented with your test results immediately (computer-based tests).
  3. Receive your official ASQ results email notification after two weeks.
  4. Recertify if not certified.

ASQ Certification Exams

  1. Each certification candidate is required to pass an examination that consists of multiple choice questions.
  2. All examinations are open book.
  3. Two types of exams: computer-based and paper-based
  4. Computer-based (One-part, 85 questions, 75 questions are scored and 10 are unscored. two and a half hour exam, offered in English only).
  5. Paper based (One-part, 75 questions, two hour exam, offered in English only).

For comprehensive details on exam preparation and certification application processes, please refer to the official Yellow Belt webpage on the website of the American Society for Quality.

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