Welcome to our Posters section!

The intention of this section is to provide all the continuous improvement tools in a poster format that is easy to print and share. These posters are great tools for training, sharing and posting, and can also be distributed as hand-outs during continuous improvement workshops.

Note that all these posters are available in PNG format, and you may download, print and share them with your colleagues and friends.

Images (in PNG format)
Standard Work
Lean Concept of Waste
Lean Concept of Value
Observation and Gemba Walks
Visual Management
Why-Why Diagram
5 Whys
How-How Diagram
A3 Thinking
PDCA Cycle
Fishbone Diagram
Pareto Analysis
Time Value Map
RACI Matrix
Kano Analysis
Gap Analysis
Improvement Roadmap
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Affinity Diagram
Stakeholder Analysis
Prioritization Matrix
Box Plot
Scatter Diagram
Value Stream Mapping
Process Yield Measures
SIPOC Analysis
Process Mapping
Process Sequence Chart
Paired Comparison
Mind Mapping
Project Charter
Importance Urgency Matrix
Traffic Light Assessment
Force Field Analysis
Pugh Matrix
Project Closure
Four Field Matrix
Best Practice Sharing