Monthly Performance Reporting Template

How to Review the Progress of your Company in an Integrated Manner

This template is designed to provide management and supervisory staff with a clear and accurate picture of the performance in a company. It allows to understand the current performance levels, set realistic performance goals, and understand the weaknesses to establish improvement priorities.

Every area of a company has specific metrics that should be monitored in order to improve its performance levels. That’s why this template is designed to monitor almost all business functions, including operational, sales and marketing, financial, quality, human resources, logistics and continuous improvement. Choosing the right performance indicators, however, relies upon a good understanding of what is important to the company.

Start by selecting and designing the most appropriate KPIs and metrics, collecting the required data, then use the template to evaluate the success in meeting your targets. This template is especially useful during the management review meetings, and on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. It includes the following characteristics:

  • A chart per metric.
  • A weight per metric.
  • An attention to provide a benchmark or an industry standard (per metric).
  • Comparisons against the established targets, standards or benchmarks.
  • A worksheet per business function.
  • A dashboard for performance monitoring.

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