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The Citoolkit Blog is a discussion forum provided for Citoolkit members to discuss issues related to continuous improvement. By posting on the Citoolkit blog and discussion pages you agree to undertake not to post defamatory material, libellous material, material subject to any copyright other than your own, or material which may be in breach of obscenity, anti-discrimination or other legislation.

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You undertake not to harass, discriminate against or otherwise mistreat other users and agree that any personal information they provide may not be further disseminated with their approval. You agree that any information you post on the blog will be true and correct to the best of your knowledge at the time of posting.

The Citoolkit Slides, Articles and Templates sections were provided for the purpose of developing a library of continuous improvement to help members in their continuous improvement efforts. Those sections have been developed by members of the Citoolkit who wish to share them.

By providing us with Slides, Articles and Template, you agree to undertake not to post defamatory or libellous material, material subject to any copyright other than your own, or material which may be in breach of obscenity, anti-discrimination or other legislation.


5.1 Accuracy of Information.
All information on Citoolkit website is provided ‘as seen’ and Citoolkit accepts no liability for loss or damage caused as a result of reliance on information posted on any Citoolkit online service, whether that information has been posted by Citoolkit or by a third party.

5.2 Indemnity.
Users will at all times indemnify and will continue to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Citoolkit, its related bodies corporate and their respective personnel from and against all liabilities, costs, damages, expenses, claims, suits, allegations and demands, including, without limitation, all legal fees arising out of or in relation to:
(a) any infringement, or claim or allegation of infringement, of the intellectual property rights or any other proprietary rights of a third party; and
(b) any fraud, deliberate misconduct or negligence or breach of these terms and conditions committed by users.

5.3 Availability of Service.
Citoolkit provides its services on an ‘as and when available’ basis and makes no guarantee as to the availability or performance of the website. Where a link appears to an external website maintained by a third party, Citoolkit gives no endorsement as to the services operated by those websites.

5.4 Security.
Citoolkit will take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of information provided by members and users of the site but will not accept responsibility for breaches of security or unauthorized access that arises as a result of disclosure by members/users of their login details. Members/users remain responsible at all times for maintaining the confidentiality of their login details, username and password and Citoolkit accepts no liability for the misuse of these details.

While Citoolkit also takes reasonable steps to ensure its e-services are virus free, members/users acknowledge that they access the services at their own risk and that Citoolkit is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of accessing Citoolkit web services. This includes, but is not limited to, any monetary or other loss that may result from loss or corruption of data, downtime or hardware damage.

5.5 Links to Other Websites.
This site may contain links or other references to other parties and their websites. Citoolkit cannot control the contents of those other sites, and makes no warranty about the accuracy, timeliness or subject matter of the material located on those sites. Citoolkit does not necessarily approve of, endorse or sponsor any content or material on those sites.

Citoolkit makes no warranties or representations that material on other websites to which this website is linked does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person anywhere in the world. Citoolkit is not, and must not be taken to be, authorizing infringement of any intellectual property rights contained in material on other sites by linking to them from this website.


In the event that you breach any of these conditions, Citoolkit reserves the right to refuse publication or to remove from the public domain any posting, advertisement or comment on any Citoolkit online service at any time without prior notice, and where payment has already been made to withhold from refund an amount equivalent to any costs incurred and/or service already supplied.


These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated in March 2015.