Data Files

All the data files referenced in our website are available here for free download. This includes the data files for the exercises in the Exercise Library in addition to the examples mentioned in the Articles Section. This will allow you to work through the exercises and examples yourself for better learning experience. Trainers can also use the files in their Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma training programs and workshops.

Data files

Glucose Level

Data was collected to detect the presence of high glucose levels in patients at admission.


The number of defects in manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes.

Calls Volume

The data represents the total volume of calls per day in a call center.

Product Weight

The weight of a food products with a target of 50 grams per item.


This demographic and survival data is from the Titanic voyage (April 1912).

Material Consumption

The material consumption for a particular manufacturing process for two production lines.


Daily spoilage data for a production process.

Population Change

World population change overtime for the last seventy years.

Satisfaction Levels

Student satisfaction levels for a particular institution measured in Grade Point Average (GPA).

Mean temperature

Daily mean temperature (average of the daily max and min temperatures) for 4 cities.

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