Histogram Template

Histogram Template
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A histogram is a bar chart that represents the frequency distribution of data on a given variable. It indicates where most of the data is grouped and how much variation there is in the process. This template allows you to enter up to 100 individual data points, and the histogram will be displayed automatically to reflect your data. The more data there is, the more accurate the histogram will be.

This template runs in Excel, and you can use and modify it to suit your specific needs. For example, you may want to add additional data rows if your data is larger than 100. You may also add additional functionality to the worksheet if you have the capacity to do so. For example, you may change the number bins, display specification limits in the graph, or calculate and display capability indices such as Cp and Cpk.

In addition to displaying the histogram, it will also generate a summary of descriptive statistics related to the data such as the mean, median and standard deviation. The template is, however, limited and intended to be used by individuals new to statistics. Therefore, it’s recommended that you perform your analysis using a more advanced statistical software program such as Minitab.

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