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  • Standard Operating Procedure Template

    Standard Operating Procedure Template

    A Standard Operating Procedure, or an SOP, is a document that outlines the best way to complete a process to improve consistency in operation. It aims to standardize the way work is performed, save time, train workers, and ultimately produce a more consistent product or service. Writing an SOP involves writing down all of the activities that […]

  • Gemba Walk Template

    Gemba Walk Template

    A Gemba walk is one of the most important Lean techniques to understand the current state of any process. The idea behind Gemba walks is going to the actual place and observing how the work is performed to identify potential areas for improvement. They allow you to make small improvements many times rather than pursue a […]

  • 5 Whys Template

    5 Whys Template

    5 Whys is one of the simple and widely used tools to solve everyday work-related problems. It is so simple that can be completed without the need for sophisticated statistics. It is often used by Six Sigma practitioners mainly in the Analysis phase of the DMAIC methodology. It is also used by Lean practitioners to identify […]

  • Why-Why Diagram

    Why-Why Diagram

    5 Whys is most effective when used to solve simple problems with a single root cause. Oftentimes, a problem is the result of multiple causes occurring together. Each cause is the result of a further cause or multiple causes. Each time you ask why, there might be more than one answer. Such hierarchical structure of […]

  • 5 Whys

    5 Whys

    Also known as Five Whys. Variants include Therefore Test and So What Test. 5 Whys is one of the common techniques for problem-solving and root cause analysis. It is also one of the simplest techniques and easiest to put into practice. It is used in everyday business situations to identify the possible causes underlying a […]

  • A3 Thinking

    A3 Thinking

    Also known as A3 Problem Solving. Variants include 8D and CAPA. As a leader, a big part of your job is to solve problems as they come up. There are many approaches and tools that can help in the area of problem solving which is the driving force behind continuous improvement. They range from the […]

  • PDCA Template

    PDCA Template

    PDCA is a four-step model that provides a simple and structured way for problem solving. It serves as an effective and practical tool to encourage continuous improvement and facilitate productivity and efficiency. It has an easy to remember four logical sequenced steps (Plan, Do, Check and Act). This template provides a simple way to plan and […]

  • Fishbone Diagram Template

    Fishbone Diagram Template

    A fishbone diagram is an effective tool to help presenting cause-and-effect in an easy and understandable format. It is also referred to as cause-and-effect diagram and Ishikawa diagram. This fishbone diagram template will help you add the potential causes for a specific effect or problem. You can then plan and implement actions to address the […]

  • Time Value Map Template

    Time Value Map Template

    A time value map is a tool for representing the value-added and non-value-added time in a process. In a time value map, all activities are plotted as bars proportional to their time values along a horizontal timeline. Only value-added activities are plotted above the timeline and everything else is plotted below the timeline. This time value […]

  • RACI Matrix Template

    RACI Matrix Template

    A RACI matrix is used to clarify the connections between stakeholders and activities related to a project or process. It is widely used in project management and business process management. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed. A completed RACI matrix can serve as a guiding document that every stakeholder can refer to when […]