Lean Audit Checklist

This lean audit checklist is used to evaluate the progress made toward implementing lean in your facility. It helps you understand the strong areas as well as the areas that need to be improved. An action plan for improvement can then be developed and implemented. It uses a six-dimensional model that includes leadership, support systems, value stream, continuous improvement, lean techniques, and standard work. You may conduct lean audits on a periodic basis (for example, annually) or whenever it is needed.

This template is a Microsoft Excel document which can be used to suit your specific needs. For example, you may add, modify or delete any criteria in any section. You may also add new sections if needed such as 5S, TPM and visual management. It allows you to evaluate the lean progress using two methods; one that asks to rate the criteria (from 0 to 4), and another that asks to answer yes or no.

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Lean Maturity Assessment

This template is an extension of the above lean audit checklist and uses the same six-dimensional model. After you fill out the six sections with your audit findings, the results will be displayed on a radar chart in the Results worksheet. Other worksheets are provided to store all photos taken during the audit, register all potential good and best practices, and identify the corrective actions to be taken to improve the current situation.

The current performance can be identified using this scoring scheme

Lean Maturity Assessment Template – $8.45
(Version 1.1 – Six-dimensional model – 57 checklist items – The results are presented in a radar chart – A zip file that contains 7 documents – .XLSX, .DOCX & .PDF – 2 approaches: Yes/No and rating scales – 2 examples – 416 KB)

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