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Four Field Matrix

Four Field Matrix

A Four Field Matrix is an effective model for planning, organizing and making decisions. It is a two-dimensional chart that consists of four equal-sized quadrants. Each of the quadrants will describe a different aspect of information. Sometimes it is referred to as the Four Quadrant Matrix or the Four Celled Matrix.

The four field matrix helps you organize your ideas and information in a logical manner that makes sense. Complex problems can be broken down into easier to handle groups by considering the most two important characteristics. These characteristics are then represented on an X and Y axis.

For example, a team may select the most appropriate improvement projects based on the two important characteristics: project impact and the effort to be made. For them, these two characteristics are more important than other characteristics such as cost and time.

Other Scenarios:

1- To prioritize work and personal activities based on the Eisenhower method – importance urgency matrix.

2- To evaluate the strategic position of an organization – SWOT matrix.

3- To classify stakeholders according to the power they hold and how likely they are to be interested in a project – power interest matrix.

4- To select the appropriate methodology for problem solving and process improvement – project methodology matrix.

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