Benchmark Summary Report

Benchmark Summary Report
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Benchmarking is a process that allows to measure how a company is performing against top-performing organizations worldwide. By doing so, companies gain insights into the practices and strategies that set these outstanding companies apart. This understanding will help in developing plans to apply the best practices for improvement.

This benchmarking summary report template offers a straightforward way to present the key findings from any previously conducted benchmarking analysis. It comes in two different variations; one that performs the comparison on a monthly basis and another for annual comparisons. To get started, identify the specific metrics to evaluate. Then, input the data of your company and the other selected companies, business units, departments, or production lines.

This template is a Microsoft Excel document that you can use and modify to suit your specific needs. It can easily be modified to include additional sections if needed. For example, you may want to change the type of charts used to display the results or modify the worksheet to display the results on a quarterly basis.

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