Process Map Template

Process Map Template
Simple | Time-Function | Tabular

A process map is a graphical representation of the process. Process maps are simple ways of making sense of what happens or should happen in a process. There are many software applications and online services that allow the drawing of process maps. However, this template is pretty simple and straightforward where you can draw simple customizable process maps.

This template is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file which you can use and modify to suit your specific requirements. For example, you may want to add additional rows and columns in the time-function process map, or change the attributes at the header to match your company standards. This template is simple and expandable to the extent that can include a big process maps in multiple pages with the aid of connectors.

This template comes with ready to fill text-boxes which simplify the drawing process. Just fill the text-boxes with the process steps then drag and drop them into the appropriate place of your process. It comes in three variations:

  • Simple-drawing, the most basic form of process maps which uses only boxes and arrows.
  • Time-function, a process map with the time added on one axis and the function on the other axis.
  • Tabular format, more information can be displayed in process maps including inputs, outputs, performance metrics, responsible persons, and the time it takes to perform each activity.

Process Map Template (36 KB / 3 process map formats)

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