Value Stream Map Template

Value Stream Map Template
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A value stream map is a strategic tool that provides a high-level view of the important elements of an end-to-end operational process. Its primary goal is to identify waste and areas where improvement can be made in the current workflow. It is mainly used in manufacturing environments, and it can also be effectively applied to other domains, including product development, healthcare, hospitality, and logistics.

There are many software applications and online services that allow the drawing of value stream maps. However, this value stream map template is pretty simple and straightforward where you can create customizable value stream maps with minimal effort. This template comes with ready to fill textboxes which simplify the diagramming process. Just fill the textboxes with the process steps then drag and drop the provided symbols and arrows into the appropriate positions within the process.

This template is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file that you can modify to suit your specific needs. You may want to use your own set of symbols to indicate your specific details. You may also adjust the header attributes to align with your company’s specific standards. Please help us to make this template better by providing us with your comments and suggestions.

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