Flowchart Template

Flowchart Template
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A flowchart is a diagram that illustrates the sequential steps of a process. It allows to draw the movement of materials, products, people, documents, and other elements, aiding in the understanding, analysis, and communication of the process. There are many software applications and online services that are available for drawing flowcharts. However, this flowchart template is pretty simple and straightforward allowing the creation of simple customizable flowcharts.

This template is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file that can be used and modified to suit your specific needs. For example, you may insert additional lanes in the swimlane version or change the attributes at the header to align with your company standards. The template is simple and expandable to the extent that it can include extensive flowcharts spanning multiple pages with the aid of connectors.

This template comes with ready to fill textboxes which simplify the drawing process. Simply fill the textboxes with the process steps then drag and drop them into the appropriate place within the process. The template comes in three variations to represent the three common flowchart types: activity, swimlane and opportunity flowcharts. Additionally, you may use the provided questionnaire to help you better understand your flowchart design requirements.

Flowchart Template (44 KB / 3 flowchart types)

Flowchart Template Example (48 KB / 3 flowchart types)

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