Affinity Diagram Template

Affinity Diagram Template
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An affinity diagram is used in situations where you needed to organize many ideas or information to make sense of them. It is commonly used to capture and group the output of brainstorming sessions in order to organize the generated ideas. There are many applications and online services that allow the construction of affinity diagrams. However, this template is pretty simple and straightforward where you can create simple customizable affinity diagrams.

This template is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file that you can use and modify to suit your specific needs. For example, you may want to use your own colors to indicate specific details. You may add arrows between items and groups to show relationships. You may also change the attributes at the header to match your company standards.

This template comes with ready to fill text-boxes which simplify the diagram construction process. Just fill the text-boxes with the relevant information then drag and drop them into the appropriate place of the affinity diagram.

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