SIPOC Map Template

SIPOC Map Template
Tabular format | Vertical process format | Horizontal process format

SIPOC Map is tool that provides a high-level view of the important elements of a business process. It is widely used in process design and improvement initiatives (such as Six Sigma) to defines the scope of process improvement projects. SIPOC is an acronym that stands for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs and Customers.

This template is provided in two different file formats; a Microsoft PowerPoint file and a Microsoft Excel sheet. Feel free to modify any of the files based on your specific requirements. For example, you may add additional rows as needed, add an additional column to identify the key performance indicators per input or output, or change the attributes at the header to match your company standards.

This template comes in three variations: tabular format, vertical process map format, and horizontal process map format. Start by describing the process in the title field and filling the other attributes at the header. Then fill the table cells and textboxes with the appropriate information to complete your SIPOC exercise.

SIPOC Map Template (44 KB / 3 types)

SIPOC Map Template (40 KB / 3 types)

SIPOC Map Template (68 KB / 3 types)

SIPOC Map Template Examples (48 KB / 3 types)

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