Matrix Diagram Template

Matrix Diagram Template
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A matrix diagram is a table that allows sets of items to be compared to understand the relationship between them, displaying the existence and strength of the relationship. The degree of correlation is typically represented by numerical values or symbols within the cells where every two items intersect on the matrix. Matrix diagrams can be useful in a wide range of applications from aligning requirements with specifications to delegating responsibilities based on individuals’ competencies.

This matrix diagram template is available in two convenient file formats. The first is an L-shaped Microsoft Excel worksheet which is more useful when you need to assign scores and rankings to your matrix. The second is a Microsoft PowerPoint file that comes in various shapes (L-shaped, T-shaped, X-shaped and Y-shaped). Examples are also provided to illustrate the practical use of these formats and shapes.

Note that these templates can be used and modified to suit your specific needs and personal style. They can be easily modified to include additional sections as needed. You may, for example, add more rows and columns if your item sets are large. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to apply scoring and ranking methods that best align with your decision-making criteria.

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