Box Plot — Graphical Methods
The data is plotted in a box plot in such a way that the bottom 25% and the top 25% of the data points are represented by the two whiskers, whereas the middle 50% of the data points are represented by the box.
Box Plot — Graphical Methods
A box plot may show key statistics such as the median of the data, maximum and minimum values, as well as the lower and upper quartiles.
Box Plot — Graphical Methods
Box plots are most useful when comparing between several data sets. They allow you to compare the central tendency as well as the variability of multiple data sets.
Scatter Diagram — Correlation — Graphical Methods
Scatter diagrams can indicate several types of correlation.
Scatter Diagram — Stratification — Graphical Methods — Correlation
You can indicate a stratification factor in the scatter diagram.
Scatter Diagram — Correlation — Graphical Methods
No correlation does not mean there is no cause-and-effect relationship. There might be a relationship over a wider range of data.
Value Stream Map — Symbols
Value stream mapping uses a set of symbols to denote the various details. These are the basic symbols that are applicable in most situations.
Value Stream Map
In a value stream map, the information flow is commonly placed at the top, material flow at the middle, and the VSM timeline are placed at the bottom of the map.
5 whys
There are many classifications of waste. One of the most basic and widely used models across many industries is the Eight Wastes.
A SIPOC map can be created quickly by drawing a table of five columns. These five steps describe how to create a SIPOC map with your team.
These questions can be useful to complete the SIPOC analysis exercise with your team.
Traffic Light Assessment — Visual Management
The Pareto principle serves as a useful framework for assessing the impact of improvements by comparing the before and after states. Analyzing the new Pareto chart allows for the confirmation of the achieved improvement.
Process Map
Process maps are used to map existing processes (what the process really is), as well as to map the future state of how things should be after implementing process improvement (what the process should be).
Process Map
Just like real maps, process maps can be created in different levels (vertical expansion). Also, the process itself can be as simple or as complex as required (horizontal expansion).
Process Map — Flowchart - Swimlane
A cross-functional flowchart (or a swimlane flowchart) illustrates the sequence of activities required to accomplish a cross-functional process.

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