Hand of Values

How to Make Your Personal Core Values Memorable?

Hand of Values
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The Hand of Values is a tool that makes someone’s personal values more memorable. The idea is very simple and straightforward. Each part in the hand represents a specific value that when touched, it triggers a positive thought, creates an emotional change and influences the behavior in some way. As individuals possess unique sets of personal core values, they have the freedom to allocate them to their hand in a manner that aligns with their preferences.

The same idea could also be used to sort out:

  • Personal goals
  • Professional goals
  • Positive affirmations
  • Victory log
  • Warm log
  • Appreciate list
  • Personal qualities

Reflexology involves the systematic examination of reflex points located on the hands and feet, enabling the assessment of health conditions and the establishment of connections with corresponding areas of the body. Similarly, our hands possess the remarkable ability to establish connections with our minds.

This concept motivates to take actions on a daily basis to reach higher value standards. It can be effectively employed to assist individuals in cultivating new habits and changing behaviors. When a negative thought arises, a simple touch to the corresponding area of the hand can interrupt this pattern and facilitate a shift towards more positive thinking.

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