Hand of Values

How to Make Your Personal Core Values Memorable?

Hand of Values
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The Hand of Values is a tool that makes someone’s values more memorable. The idea is very simple! Every part in the hand represents a value that if touched, it should trigger a positive thought, create an emotional change and influence the behavior in some way. Everybody has his own values, and he may assign his personal core values on his hand in the way he prefers.

The same idea could also be used to sort out:

  • Personal goals
  • Professional goals
  • Positive affirmations
  • Victory log
  • Warm log
  • Appreciate list
  • Personal qualities

This concept motivates to take actions on a daily basis to reach higher value standards. It may be used to help people who are planning to develop habits or change a behavior. Every time you catch yourself thinking negatively, you may interrupt this pattern by touching the particular part of your hand. We are using the reflex points of the hands to assess health conditions and to connect to the relevant portions of the body (reflexology). Why don’t we use them to connect to our minds? Our minds are capable to do so.