Category: Self Development

  • Daily Self-Evaluation Template

    Whether you are a parent, a student, an employee, a community member, or any combination of these roles, evaluating yourself by the end of the day can tell a lot about the kind of person you are. Self-evaluation is an important first step in being aware of yourself, and self-awareness is the first step to […]


    Daily Self-Evaluation Template
  • Decision Balance Sheet

    Sometimes when you are faced with an important decision, you spend a lot of time looking for a solution hoping to avoid making the wrong choice. One of the simplest ways to decide what to do is using the Decision Balance Sheet. It is a simple but effective decision-making method that enables the team to […]


    Decision Balance Sheet
  • SWOT Analysis

    Also known as Situational Analysis and TOWS. Variants include Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and 5C Analysis. SWOT analysis is a structured planning tool for reviewing and assessing the position and health of an organization. It allows the organization to look deeply within itself to understand the factors that influence its ability to achieve its goals. […]


    SWOT Analysis
  • Importance Urgency Matrix

    An importance-urgency matrix is an effective method for organizing priorities. It is a four field matrix that can be used to prioritize work activities as well as personal activities. For example, you can use it to enable you to manage your work and time more effectively. It is also referred to as the Urgent-Important matrix […]


    Importance Urgency Matrix
  • Hand of Values

    How to Make Your Personal Core Values Memorable? The Hand of Values is a tool that makes someone’s personal values more memorable. The idea is very simple and straightforward. Each part in the hand represents a specific value that when touched, it triggers a positive thought, creates an emotional change and influences the behavior in […]


    Hand of Values