Affinity Diagrams

Welcome to our collection of Affinity Diagrams. The primary objective of this library is to share previous team exercises related to affinity diagrams that can be useful in similar situations. Please note that all the examples provided here are taken from actual team exercises, and we are not proposing any definitive solutions.

Please be informed that you can also contribute to this section by submitting your own team-based affinity diagram exercises. We welcome contributions and will share them with the wider community in either our format or yours.

Business Processes

The affinity diagrams presented below can be a valuable resource for organizations striving to improve their business process management efforts.

Quality processes
Excellence processes
Internal audit processes
Procurement processes
Human resources processes
Finance processes
Training processes
Communication processes
General services processes
Strategy processes
Project management processes
Environment, health and safety processes
PESTLE Factors

The following affinity diagrams provide valuable insights into how macro-environmental factors can impact organizational performance, and help identify opportunities for improvement.

Political factors
Economic factors
Social factors
Technological factors
Legal factors
Environmental factors
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