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Matrix Diagram

Matrix Diagram

A Matrix Diagram is a table that allows sets of data to be compared in order to make better decisions. It displays the existence and strength of relationship between pairs of items of two or more sets. The relationship is then indicated by a number or symbol in each cell where the two items intersect in the matrix. A matrix diagram can be used as part of other decision making tools. Cause and Effect Matrix and Quality Function Deployment are examples of tools that use the matrix diagram.   Read more »  


Process Chart Template

A Flow Process Chart is a representation showing the sequence of activities within a process. This type of process map is preferable when documenting sequential processes that contain few decisions. This template allows to record the steps of a process in a tabular format. It is often used to identify waste by analyzing the non-value adding steps, long delays and excessive transportation. It then produces performance indicators such as; total value added time, distance traveled for transport activities, and value stream ratio.

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