Annual Performance Report Template

How to Review the Progress of your Organization in an Integrated Manner

Annual Performance Report Template
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This template is designed to provide decision makers with the strategic direction needed to monitor and improve the overall performance of the organization. It encourages using longer-term KPIs and on an annual basis, and thus, the target users are more likely to be at top levels (including performance managers).

You may need to present this report at your management review meetings. It could also be linked to other detailed and short-term operational reports. It has some special characteristics that distinguish it from other common performance templates such as:

  • An overall performance dashboard for the organization as a whole.
  • A dashboard for performance monitoring (per business function).
  • A trend chart per metric/KPI.
  • Two types of comparison analyses (against established standards and across time).
  • The attention to provide a benchmark, a target, or an industry standard (per metric).
Annual Performance Report Sections
Annual Performance Report Sections

This template runs in Excel, and you can use and modify to suit your specific needs. For example, you may want to change the business functions to match the structure of your organization. You may also change the weight to be manually filled rather than automatic.

Annual Performance Report Template

(Version 2.0 – 72 KB – Up to 5 KPIs – 1 business function)

Annual Performance Report Template Example

(Version 2.0 – 72 KB – Up to 5 KPIs – 1 business function)

Monthly Performance Report Template – $8.95

  • Version 2.0.
  • 7 business functions and up to 120 KPIs.
  • 0.85 MB

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