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Questionnaire Analysis Report

After collecting the answered questionnaires from your respondents, you have to analyze the data and report the results. This template is used to analyze the collected qualitative data from a large number of individuals and summarize the results in a report. It consists of two worksheets; one that enables you to enter the data of your respondents, and the other is the interpretation of your data in a scorecard format. Further statistical analysis, conclusions and recommendations can be added to the report as needed.

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A survey is a data collection method used to gather information from a selected group of people. It is used to collect written or verbal information in an organized and objective manner. A survey involves all aspects of the research process including: survey design and construction, data collection planning, data collecting, data processing and response analysis. The most common methods used to conduct surveys are questionnaires, interviews, focus groups and observations.

A questionnaire is a tool often used in research and statistical studies to collect and record information about a particular issue of interest.   Read more »