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Cause and Effect Matrix Template

The Cause and Effect Matrix is used to understand the relationship between causes and effects. Whenever an output variable drifts out of specification, that is an effect. When an effect goes out of specification, you need to rank the potential causes in terms of importance, and the causes with the highest overall score should be addressed first in improvement efforts.


Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram

Sometimes it is difficult to spot problems and only symptoms will be acted on leaving the real causes intact. This indicates lack of information and poor understanding of the problem and leads usually to a weak solution. A Fishbone Diagram is often used to identify and organize the potential causes of a business problem in an easy and understandable format. It is used to identify the sources of process variation which caused the problem to occur. It is called this way because of its shape that looks like a fishbone. It is also called Ishikawa Diagram and Cause and Effect Diagram. Read more »»