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PDCA Cycle


The PDCA Cycle is a framework for problem solving, continuous improvement and change. It is widely recognized as the basis of continually improving the quality of processes, products, and services. It is an easy to remember four logical sequence steps: Plan, Do, Check and Act. It provides a simple and structured approach for solving quality-related problems. Multiple iterations of the PDCA cycle may be necessary to solve the problem permanently and reach the ultimate goal state.   Read more »  


Check Sheets

Check Sheets

Check sheets are manual data collection forms used to collect data in real time at the location where the data is generated. They can be used on a temporary basis (for example during a project) or be established for routine activities. They enable faster capturing and compiling of data, allow the data to be recorded in a consistent manner, and enable capturing essential contextual and descriptive information that otherwise may be overlooked or forgotten.   Read more »