Understanding Performance Slides

Obtain the knowledge and skills needed to ensure goals are being met and performance is being managed effectively. All slides are available in PDF format, and you may download, print and share them with others, all for free.

Tools and techniques: 29
Completed files: 15 (51.7%)
Available slides: 637

Graphical Analysis

37 slides

Histograms and Boxplots

20 slides

Control charts

29 slides

Run charts

9 slides

Capability indices

37 slides

Lean measures

20 slides

Process yield measures

16 slides


12 slides

Cost of quality

16 slides

Descriptive statistics

41 slides

Probability distributions

60 slides

Normal distribution

42 slides

Gap analysis

8 slides

Bottleneck analysis


Reliability analysis



17 slides

Project KPIs


Traffic light assessment

23 slides

Kano analysis

12 slides

Critical-to tree

6 slides

Waste analysis

53 slides

Value analysis

20 slides

Spaghetti diagram


Time value map

8 slides

Value stream mapping

45 slides

Flow process chart

13 slides