Understanding Cause and Effect Slides

Explore methods to analyze data and identify the causes of undesirable effects and the sources of process variation. All slides are available in PDF format, and you may download, print and share them with others, all for free.

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31 slides

Box Plot

24 slides

Fishbone Diagram

47 slides

Pareto Analysis

47 slides

Root Cause Analysis


Data Mining


Relations Mapping

17 slides

Matrix Diagram

18 slides

Descriptive Statistics

41 slides

Graphical Analysis

37 slides

Probability Distributions

60 slides

Normal Distribution

42 slides

Confidence Internvals


Hypothesis Testing




Scatter Diagram

37 slides





Design of Experiment




Multi Vari Studies


Why-Why Diagram

24 slides

Kaizen Events


A3 Thinking

60 slides

Tree Diagram