In this example, the team has used the prioritization matrix to select an equipment among 5 alternatives.

The outcomes of the prioritization analysis can be presented using a bar chart to see which alternative is the most suitable based on the scores of the team.

This example illustrates a prioritization analysis that was conducted to select the most efficient data collection method at a workplace. Note that high score of cost doesn’t mean that the cost is high, but low or “cost-effective”.

A manufacturing company needs to select two projects to be implemented this year. It was agreed that ‘savings’ should be given a weight of 3 as it is relatively more important than the other two criteria.

In this example, a team has used the prioritization matrix to select the most profitable among five candidate projects.

A four field matrix can be used to prioritize and present the alternatives if you have only two evaluation criteria.

Histograms allow to visually assess the shape of the distribution, the central tendency, the amount of variation in the data, as well as the presence of gaps, outliers or unusual data points.

A histogram can be drawn either horizontally or vertically.

Histograms can be helpful to identify whether variability is within specification limits, whether the process is capable, and whether there is a shift in the process over time.

Histograms are ideal to represent moderate to large amount of data. A histogram may not accurately display the distribution shape if the data size is too small.

In this histogram, the distribution looks symmetric around the cable diameter mean and appears to fit the Normal Distribution fairly well.

In this histogram, the distribution of the data is skewed to the right.

A box plot can be drawn either horizontally or vertically.

A box plot is also referred to as a Box-and-Whisker Plot as it displays the data in a box-and-whiskers format.

A box plot may show key statistics such as the median of the data, maximum and minimum values, as well as the lower and upper quartiles.