Exercise Library

This material provides continuous improvement leaders and professionals with plenty of exercises, examples and games. It contains a range of exercises which are organized in a logical flow and a user friendly format. These exercises can be used as reference to those who are actually providing Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma training and workshops.

This material includes a lot of practical exercises that will help reinforce the learning in any training program. It contains exercises and games that are designed to improve not only the learning, but also personal development, teamwork, trust building, communication, and decision making within a group of peers. It can be used to support the objectives of the training program in an enjoyable, interactive, and creative way.

All data files are available for download in our data section, enabling you to work through the examples yourself.

The Continuous Improvement Exercise Library – $29.95
(101 exercises and games – Suitable for Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma workshops – 228 slides – 1 file (.PPTX) – 7.52 MB)