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  • Project Closure Template

    As part of the process of ending a project, a project closure is a stage that often attracts less attention. It is a formal documentation that enables to assess the project outcome against its initial objectives. It is an important part of the overall project life cycle and the bookend to the project charter. At […]


    Project Closure Template
  • Project Charter Template

    A Project Charter is a one page document that enables stakeholders to review the project and commit to support. It serves like a contract that helps the team to stay on track to achieve the goals of the project. Project managers and leaders should ensure that the project implementation should not be started until the […]


    Project Charter Template
  • Pugh Matrix Template

    The main idea behind the Pugh matrix is to compare a set of alternatives against a standard to determine which one is the most appropriate. A basic matrix consists of the alternative proposals and a set of criteria. Start by writing the criteria in the left hand column and the alternatives in the top row. […]


    Pugh Matrix Template
  • Annual Performance Report Template

    How to Review the Progress of your Organization in an Integrated Manner This template is designed to provide decision makers with the strategic direction needed to monitor and improve the overall performance of the organization. It encourages using longer-term KPIs and on an annual basis, and thus, the target users are more likely to be […]


    Annual Performance Report Template