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Fishbone Diagram Template

A fishbone diagram is an effective tool to help presenting cause-and-effect in an easy and understandable format. It is also referred to as cause-and-effect diagram and Ishikawa diagram. This fishbone diagram template will help you add the potential causes for a specific effect or problem. You can then plan and implement actions to address the key causes.

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SWOT Analysis Template

The aim of SWOT analysis is to understand the internal and external factors influencing the performance of a business, now and in the future. SWOT simply stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The outcome of any SWOT analysis workshop should provide the basis for further analysis and action. It should allow the business to capitalize on the strengths, take advantage of the opportunities, while minimizing the impact of the weaknesses and threats.

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Affinity Diagram Template

An affinity diagram is used in situations where you needed to organize many ideas or information to make sense of them. It is commonly used to capture and group the output of brainstorming sessions in order to organize the generated ideas. There are many applications and online services that allow the construction of affinity diagrams. However, this template is pretty simple and straightforward where you can create simple customizable affinity diagrams.

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Flowchart Template

A flowchart is a diagram that illustrates the steps in a process. It allows to draw the movement of materials, products, people, documents, and other item, thus help understanding, analyzing and communicating the process. There are many software applications and online services that allow the drawing of flowcharts. However, this template is pretty simple and straightforward where you can draw simple customizable flowcharts.

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