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  • Why-Why Diagram

    5 Whys is most effective when used to solve simple problems with a single root cause. Oftentimes, a problem is the result of multiple causes occurring together. Each cause is the result of a further cause or multiple causes. Each time you ask why, there might be more than one answer. Such hierarchical structure of […]


    Why-Why Diagram
  • PEST Analysis

    Also known as Environmental Scanning Analysis. Variants include STEEPLED and PESTLE. PEST analysis is a strategic and structured tool for evaluating the external environment of an organization. It allows any organization to understand the macro-environmental factors that affect its performance and its ability to grow. The aim is to understand how those external factors will […]


    PEST Analysis
  • Box Plot

    Also known as Box and Whisker Plot and Whisker Plot. A box plot is a graph that shows the frequency of numeric data values. It is mainly used to explore data as well as to present the data in an easy and understandable manner. Box plots are one of the easiest and most useful ways to understand […]


    Box Plot
  • What is a Process

    The products and services delivered by any organization are the result of processes. Any business activity whether it is industrial, commercial or service-oriented can be considered as a process. Managing these processes is a key to success for any organization. A process can be defined is a set of steps designed to produce a product […]


    What is a Process
  • Project Closure

    Projects are time bound by nature. They have to be implemented within a specific period of time. Project Closing is the final phase and an important aspect of the project life cycle. It is, however, one of the most neglected project management activities. A Project Closure is often used in this phase to formally close […]


    Project Closure