Category: Risk Management

  • Risk Analysis

    Risk Analysis is a process that helps identify and assess potential threats that could affect the success of a business or project. It allows to examine the risks and includes means to measure, mitigate and control them effectively. It is part of the larger process of risk management although risk management can also refer to […]


    Risk Analysis
  • Using the RAID Log to Monitor Your Project

    Variants include Project Issue Management and Project Log. In the life cycle of any project, many things may arise along the way which can affect the project’s outcome and timeline. Things like material shortages and issues with suppliers may have a negative impact on your project and may result in failure to produce the project […]


    Using the RAID Log to Monitor Your Project
  • Traffic Light Assessment

    Also known as Traffic Light Rating System. Traffic Light Assessment is a rating system for evaluating the performance in relation to predefined goals. It allows to communicate performance information clearly and effectively. It has the advantage of being understood universally as performance results are indicated using the real traffic light colors (red, yellow and green). […]


    Traffic Light Assessment