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Normality Testing in Minitab

Normality Testing

The Normal Distribution is the commonest and the most useful continuous probability distribution. Many statistical tests require that the distribution is normal or nearly normal. Several tools are available to assess the normality of data including: using a histogram to visually explore the data, producing a normal probability plot, and carrying out an Anderson-Darling normality test. All these tools are easy to use in Minitab statistical software. Read more »

Probability Distributions in Minitab

Probability Distributions

There are different shapes, models and classifications of probability distributions including the ones discussed in the probability distributions article. It is always a good practice to know the distribution of your data before proceeding with your analysis. Once you find the appropriate model, you can then perform your statistical analysis in the right manner. Minitab can be used to find the appropriate probability distribution of your data. Read more »

Descriptive Statistics in Minitab

Descriptive Statistics

Minitab is a statistical software that allows you to enter your data to perform a wide range of statistical analyses on that data. It can be used to calculate many types of descriptive statistics including the ones discussed in the Descriptive Statistics article which can tell you a lot about your data in order to make more rational decisions. Descriptive statistics summaries in Minitab can be either quantitative or visual. Read more »

Decision Balance Sheet

Decision Balance Sheet

Sometimes when you are faced with an important decision, you spend a lot of time looking for a solution hoping to avoid making the wrong choice. One of the simplest ways to decide what to do is using the Decision Balance Sheet. It is a simple but effective decision-making method that enables the team to make more confident and balanced decisions. It uses a tabular record to represents the advantages and disadvantages of an idea or situation for the purpose of reaching to a decision quickly. This situation might be a problem that needs to be solved or a condition that needs to be changed. Read more »

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a simple and structured planning tool for reviewing and assessing the position and health of an organization. It is a scan of the internal and external factors to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for any given situation. It provides the knowledge needed to understand the current situation in order to make more effective decisions and develop more successful strategies. It can be helpful for an entire organization, an individual department, a business unit, a project and even in personal development and career progression. Read more »

Importance Urgency Mapping

Importance Urgency Mapping

“We live in a time pressured world where it is common to have multiple overlapping commitments that all require immediate attention now. How can one manage the flood of responsibilities, do excellent work and maintain a positive frame of mind?” (Stephen Covey)

The Importance-Urgency Mapping is an effective method for organizing priorities. Read more »

Hand of Values

How to Make Your Personal Core Values Memorable

The Hand of Values is a tool that makes someone’s values more memorable. The idea is very simple, every part in the hand represents a value that if touched, it should trigger a positive thought, create an emotional change and influence the behavior in some way.

Everybody has his own values, so he may assign his personal core values on his hand in the way he prefers. Read more »